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Ultimate Shot season 1 ep 12

Ultimate Shot season 1 ep 12

Category: Ultimate Shot

Episode 12/ Season 1

Plains Game Mozambique

In this episode of Ultimate Shot we shall hunt again in the archers’ paradise, Mozambique. We will enjoy the advantage of being among the first hunters in an area that for decades was unavailable to the hunting community. We will find out how economic sanctions and the imposition of hunting bans have led to the disappearance of entire species of wildlife. We shall see firsthand what foreign hunter money paid for government issued hunting permits and how he generated new sources of income and revenues for the local peoples , can do for a very very special renewable and sustainable resource . Stay with us as we get our first and best in the world unique trophies, never before taken with today’s bow and arrow.


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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 10 December, 2011.